Soap Made in Oklahoma

Soap Made in Oklahoma

If you’re looking to start buying local products, handmade soap is a great place to start. There are so many unique soap makers in Oklahoma that offer a variety of products. Buying soap locally helps your community thrive, creates less waste, and is better for your skin. 

Why is locally made soap better for you?

Handmade soap is typically made without synthetic fragrances, foaming agents, and preservatives that can irritate and dry out your skin. 

Soap Makers in Oklahoma

We are proud to carry several locally made soaps in our gift boxes. We’ve also compiled a list of some of our favorite local soap makers in Oklahoma:

  • Luka Soap Co
  • Wild Bergamot
  • Shortgrass Soapworks
  • Soaplahoma
  • Local Lather
  • Honestly Margo
  • Roark Acres
  • Tallgrass Supply Co
  • Sage & Elm Apothecary
  • Theraganics
  • Mad Honey Bars
  • Prohibition Soap
  • Okie Dope Soaps
  • Solid Rock Soap Co
  • The Little Bubble
  • Bee Farmee
  • Janae Javan
  • Steele Family Farm
  • Weldon Jack
  • Josette Body Care
  • Hey There Honey
  • Moonstruck Soapery
  • Tea-ara Soap Kitchen
  • Wylde Soap Co
  • The Velvet Leopard
  • Medieval Scents
  • Grandma’s Handcrafted Soaps
  • Victory Ranch Products
  • Sunny Girl Sundries
  • Trade Supply Co
  • Trekell’s Goat Milk Soap
  • Fortune Cookie Soap
  • Divine Creation Cosmetics
  • Growing’ Strong Homestead
  • Black Stars Cocoa
  • The Velvet Leopard
  • Big Heart Soap Co
  • Feathered Frog Soap
  • Cocco Amore
If you make soap in Oklahoma, or notice we left out your favorite, reach out to us and we’ll get it added!
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